Thursday, March 17

Guilty Pleasure Film I

Monte's Guilty Pleasure: The forgotten, personal, lame, or simply terrible films that I'm not necessarily ashamed to show my affinity for, but rather the films that cause the most puzzled looks when I mention them in the positive. 

 So, without further explanation, enjoy the first Guilty Pleasure Film.

Deep Rising (1998)

I grew up on the monster flick, the sunday afternoon creature features like Godzilla, The Valley of Gwangi, Tremors, Q: The Winged Serpent, Jaws, and Them. The creature feature was always a "go to" film, and still is, when I want a movie that requires the very least amount of intelligence possible. I was in high school when Deep Rising came out. I remember asking some friends to go with me to watch it, which was then met with ridicule for wanting to watch a "horrible" film, instead they went and watched Godzilla....yes, that terrible remake with Ferris Bueller. What also makes this film special is it was the first film that I went to by myself, and yes, I was the only one in the entire theater. Special.

Deep Rising is a Stephen "Why can't we just CGI" Sommers film. This films starts off as a straight forward action film about a group of hi-jackers trying to knock off a luxury cruise ship, only to encounter a large, man eating, thousand tentacled monster from the deep. The hi-jackers each have their own personality, which makes it fun watching them battle the monster. It also has Treat Williams, need I say more. And Wes Studi, my favorite bad guy Native. The cast is pretty impressive considering the subject matter, and the CGI is good for its' time, though the monster moves really fast and it is kind of hard to identify anything at times, the final reveal is nice. The practical effects are really good too, blood, guts, slim, and ooze are all necessary in a monster flick. The story is very straight forward, but the characters make this film fun.

Though this film might not be for everyone, it is a guilty pleasure film, and I always encounter someone who has the same passion and love for this CGI creature feature as I do. The next lazy sunday, check it out.


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