Friday, August 5

The Coda Presents: For Your Consideration 2

So, the first round of suggestions has been up for a little over a week…anyone watch them? I had some feedback from a few of you that seemed to like the films for consideration, so I’m hopeful you’ll continue to be introduced to new film experiences.

Week one had selections with a fair amount of violence, and the subject matter was definitely intense. So, for this week, the selection is more pleasant. However, I have added two more flicks for this week, one for my horror hounds and the other for my foreign fans.

Again, I understand that there are many great films available for streaming, but my approach with this wasn’t to only give you suggestions of established films, but to point the viewer in the direction of other films that might not catch your attention. We all know that Pulp Fiction, Rear Window, and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly are all stellar films, but there is so much more in the world to be seen.

With that in mind, here are some films FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION….

Young @ Heart
This film has been out for a while, but I still encounter film fans that haven’t seen it. It’s a documentary about a senior citizens choir who perform contemporary songs (Coldplay, Sonic Youth, etc.) acapella, some of which rival the original artists performance. It’s uplifting, plain and simple. These are people well in their latter years, though full of life and experience, they are well aware that no one lives forever, and it’s that embodiment of living life to the fullest extent that should have you wondering how to make the most of everyday.

Adventures of Power

Air drumming!!! Yes, we have all done it. This film is about Power, a young man chasing a dream. Although his lack of musical skill has forced him to take up air drumming, he will pursue his dream in order to save his small mining town. This film is funny, has some great cameos, and utilizes a great soundtrack. It’s the kind of off kilter comedy that I hope will one day have a cult following.

The Horror Pick: 
This film is so much more than just a horror film, however, it has some great horror elements. Jim Sturgess plays a young photographer with a large heart-shaped birthmark on his face that encounters on the streets of London demons are running afoul. The artistic use of the elements of beauty, death and dying, and youth make this film all the more engrossing and entertaining. It’s a dark mystery and at times a fairy tale in the vein of Alice in Wonderland, if Alice were a damaged and tormented man who’s “Wonderland” embodied the horrors of reality.

The Foreign Film:
The Chaser

Korea, you are making great films. This South Korean film is gritty and violent; it follows the life of former police detective, turned pimp (yes, the only kind of pimp), who is searching for the girls, which work for him, who have recently gone missing. This film is a thrilling crime drama, with gangster film undertones, but it’s lots of fun. It has this love/hate main character, when you know that you shouldn’t like this guy, but oddly enough you are supporting him the entire way. That quality, in itself, is a feat of filmmaking. Watch it.

All available, For Your Consideration, on Netflix steaming.

Please feel free to share with your friends, spreading the word would be much appreciated.


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