Wednesday, October 12

31 Days of Horror: Day 11

TV Tuesday's

Season 3, Episode 10: The Waiting Game
Dir: Bruno Spandello
Starring: Doug McKeon and Stephen Burleigh

Yes, I use to watch this show, and I know for a fact that a few of my horror buff friends have also watched this show. In the vein of Tales From The Darkside, another of my favorite television shows, Monsters started almost immediately after TFTD was cancelled. Although not nearly as polished as other horror shows, it was always amusing to me how Monsters tried to introduce a new monster every episode. The legendary Dick Smith was a special effects consultant on this show, and though we may never know just how much he was involved, his influence can be felt throughout. The monsters in this show were always intriguing and brought me back every episode for the three-season run. And, who could forget that cheesy introduction, absolutely entertaining.

 The episode that always sticks out to me in this series is the one with the least amount of special effects, however the set design and surrounding atmosphere is fun. The story dealt with nuclear fallout and the people who survived by going into a fortified shelter and the nuclear fallout vampires (yes, you did read that right) that are roaming around outside. The only thing that separated them was a digital code lock to the opening of the shelter. It’s a simple concept, but on my recent watching (found on either Chiller TV or YouTube), it was interesting to note how well the story unfolded. The vampires play mind games with the survivors, pitting them against each other and preying on their compassion. It’s an interesting story with a great ending (for those that want to know the ending, please message me and I’ll tell you since it’s difficult finding this show on DVD).

Monsters might not have been ground breaking television, honestly, most people that didn’t watch it as a kid really don’t understand the appeal, but for horror fans that did watch the original airings, it was a pleasure seeing practical effects and unique monsters every week. Some other notable episodes from this show are "The Young and the Headless" and "The Rain Dance". Side note, Tom Noonan directed a few episodes and my friend Jamie Kelman did some effects work on this show, it’s nice knowing that some great people, who have a love and passion for horror, were able to add something to this show. This might not be for everyone, but it’s great nostalgia. Day 11 in front of the television.
Monsters Television Introduction

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