Saturday, June 16

Dr. Midnite is Dead

A Terrible Accident For Dr. Midnite
Dr. Midnite was working in the lab on a new inter-dimensional transportation machine when a brilliant flash of light erupted from the machine and pulled Dr. Midnite in. After several hours of silence, the doctor emerged, only slightly less human and slightly more…MAD. When his name was called he proclaimed, “Dr. Midnite is dead. Please allow me to introduce myself. You may call me DR. DIABOLIC.”
Dr. Diabolic was researching tachyons in another of his crazy schemes for world domination. Only this time he went too far. Entering his Dimensional Resonator he was pulled into another dimension and has never been the same since his return. When his faithful nurse assistant asked Dr. Diabolic about his ordeal he claimed it was easier to show her and pushed her into the machine. She emerged anew as well as NURSE NARCOTICA! The pair now resides in their castle laboratory, deep in the heart of Monsterland, gathering inspiration from the films of old and recreating their plots for total universal domination.
Dr. Diabolic’s Traveling Roadshow and Fun-time Variety Hour will debut at the Phoenix Art Museum on July 6th.
The live show will consist of improvisation, film, theatrics, and, of course, shenanigans. 
The Dr. Diabolic Show will debut live at FilmBar on Saturday, July 21st. The Event will be a live version of the online show with audience participation and a film viewing. 
The Dr. Diabolic Show will premier online via on Friday July 13th.
Contact:  Andrea Beesley


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