Tuesday, October 2

31 Days of Horror: Day 2

31 Days of Horror
Day: 2

Creepshow 2
Dir: Michael Gornick
Written by: Stephen King and George Romero

 Gelatinous monsters continue. I do enjoy a good anthology. Creepshow 2 might have the admiration behind it like the first one does but I can’t help but have a soft spot in my horror heart for anthologies, even not so good one. What Creepshow 2 does have is a great story, The Raft, about a killer lake monster that just happens to be a blob. Michael Gornick seemed like a great choice to direct this sequel considering he got his start on the television show Tales From the Darkside.

It doesn’t end with lake blobs in this feature either, who can forget the Old Chief Woodn’head story. To this day whenever I see a wooden native in front of a smoke shop, or in Frontier Land at Disneyland, I stop and strike a pose because of this film. I never really cared for the hitchhiker story, it seemed too much like the hitchhiker tale in Twilight Zone, but it’s actually quit funny. There are also some really nice embedded nodes to the original film as well. For instance, in The Raft, one of the girls is wearing a Horlicks University shirt, the same college from the creature in the crate story in the first film. Give this film another look, you might not appreciate it much more than you did, but it’s still better than a lot of the horror flicks we are getting today. Day 2 posing with The Chief. 

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