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2018 PFF & IHSFF Festival Recap – Monday, April 9th 2018

2018 PFF & IHSFF Festival Recap – Monday, April 9th 2018

Coda’s ongoing coverage of the 2018 Phoenix Film Festival & International Horror Sci-Fi Film Festival. I'll be using these posts to recap the films I've experienced as part of these festivals.

LOWLIFE – Directed by Ryan Prows

I will be very surprised if I see another film at this festival that I like as much as this one. This is a non-linear, Tarantino-esque underworld ultra dark comedy about a ring of sex slavery and black market organ transplants. Mayhem and hilarity ensue. This film features a great score by Kreng, a lot of great practical effects and a flawlessly cast ensemble of characters.

I'm sure this movie has its faults. But between its frenetic pacing and off kiltered humor, you won't likely notice them, at least the first time around. I'm sure I'll be revisiting this one in the years to come and it's possible that it will grow on me even more.

WILDLING – Directed by Fritz Böhm

I'm not really sure what to say about this one. I would usually really be into a story that has the sympathetic monster as the protagonist. I was stoked to see Liv Tyler and Brad Dourif in a creature feature together. And their performances left nothing to be desired. Unfortunately though, the rest of the film was a bit of a mess. The special effects looked unpolished and in some cases even unfinished. And a lot of the scenes were so poorly lighted that it was really hard to keep up with what was onscreen. This is Böhm's first feature and there is every likelihood and hope that his craft will progress with his career.

I was also struck by how similar this film was to a Danish film from 2014 called WHEN ANIMALS DREAM. At one point, about 30 minutes into it, I actually scribbled down "remake?" into my notepad because I was sure that I had seen this story played out before. I didn't actually end up loving that film either but it least it felt fresh and original. This one will most likely fall into the cracks of my memory, especially because I'm only half way through the festival. 

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