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Favorite Hip-Hop 2019

Favorite Hip-Hop Albums of 2019

2019 was a breakout year for new hip-hop artists, some of them staking their claim for the top spot amongst some veterans who dropped really great projects. It was a year that offered a blending of the past with the present, where some young lyricists honed their verbal dominance and veteran producers continued to fashion innovative beats for the new talent and old bandmates. It was a year that had a little something for every hip-hop taste. 

Here are 15 of my favorite hip-hop albums of 2019. 

15. clipping. – There Existed an Addiction to Blood

“Time to fly, 'cause you know time fickle / So cold, fittin' to snow, swing a icicle / Takin' out a police or a politician, is you / Ain't the same as sayin' turnin' out a dime against a nickel / And it ain't just money, bee, this ain't honey / Sweet, but it's funny to think of them wantin' to speak / When this pain is deep and ingrained in (blood)
– Song: Blood of the Fang

14. Rafael Casal & Daveed Diggs – Seven Nights in Chicago

“Edge of my own, ownin' my ledge / Ledge of my poems and my poems turn heads / Heads broke back and forth from the neck / But the neck got a bottle to the head / And we goin' all around, this is the cycle / Decided one night and I don't think twice” 
– Song: I Want It All

13. Tree & Parallel Thought – The Wild End

“Reason to stop by and see dear grandma ma, and I wonder / If she ever thought about my blunders in the jungle where we rumble / Fight and tumble in the dark, on the humble as a youngin’ / But I sparked in my teen years, but in my heart, I always felt I shoulda been here” 
– Song: God Like

12. Chris Crack – Never Hated I Just Waited

“Hope we get to sell out all the seats like I was dreaming / I ain’t seen it, what’s the meaning, they was scheming / Had to bring my gun to work Gilbert Arenas” 
- Song: I’m Goin’ to Thailand Soon

11. YBN Cordae – The Lost Boy

“The opposite / She want me to fly her, so I copped a jet / Must be thinkin' I'm a one-way ticket on a runway / Drippin' in my feng shui, sippin' on a sundae” 
– Song: RNP

10. slowthai – Nothing Great About Britain

“Banging on the window / Doubled up now you're losing fifth bet deep / I begs you don't get lured in / Never had a mortgage, buy my house outright / Been the same since GameBoys and stick fights / Stabilize push-bikes, for your shineys jump off the push-bike / Tony jacked my Yu-Gi-Oh cards / I'll allow him he's a shook guy” 
– Song: Gorgeous

9. Injury Reserve – Injury Reserve

“'Cause we all know someone / Who blown their whole rent on some Off-White / I ain't got none but I still tripping off white / Lost my momma and I lost my mind / And I still ain't got my hair right” 
– Song: Jawbreaker

8. Apollo Brown – Sincerely, Detroit

“I'm trying to find that moment to rewind back / Tell me where the time went / Show me where my mind's at / This world got me spinnin' in my chair / Newscast got me sick, fist swinging at the air / Information overload, aimed from the overlords / I keep my head on a swivel, never overboard” 
– Song: Thoughts in My Mind

7. Denzel Curry - ZUU

“That was back in Carol City yeah, when I was just a jit / With the all-black faded Dicky with the Raider fit / That was it, we was lit, y'all wasn't even shit yet / We was Three 6, Wu-Tang mixed with Dipset / Ricky used to take me to my first shows ever /Would only drop jewels way before they dropped cheddar”
– Song: Ricky

6. Haviah Mighty – 13th Floor

“Where are those slaves? / I want 'em on the rise like varicose veins / Huh, yeah I'm darker than my friends / And finally they see it and they start to get the trend / I gotta do 2 times more to get 4 times less / But it's cool 'cause I'm sharper in the end / Still, let's talk about it”
Song: In Woman Colour

5. Elzhi – The Preface

“But this is everything I am, am, that I cram, jam, in two verses / I witness a few curses, screw nurses, my momma died it do hurt-es / Worse is most say, not any gross pay / Can bring her back, she's up in heaven where the ghosts stay / That level in the sky, beyond where a rocket's shot / I'm where the block is hot, lookin' the Devil in the eye” 
– Song: The Leak

4. Tyler, The Creator – IGOR

“Take your hoodie off, why you hide your face from me? / Make your fuckin' mind up, I am sick of waitin' patiently / How come you the best to me? I know you the worst for me / Boy, you sweet as sugar, diabetic to the first degree / My spidey sensies, got me on the fencies” 
– Song: A Boy is a Gun

3. Rapsody – Eve

“I don't care what you got to say about me no more / Double dutchin' when I'm talkin' and my back on the ropes / I be chillin', ain't got no feelings when I'm ridin' the slope / Skeezer's gon' be skeezers, I'm just dope / I'm here to shake the system up, we gon' rock the boat / 'Cause I'm that somebody that you still need to know, squad” 
– Song: Aaliyah

2. Little Simz – GREY Area

“Got in a pattern followed the rhythm / I disregarded all opinions and continue my mission / Unapologetically I be bossin' it getting better with age / Got it back never lost it my legacy remains / Rejected the dotted line but not the pen / Invested in myself that was money well spent” 
Song: Boss

1. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Bandana

That record ain't doin' no numbers, you trip on your management and your legal team / I done been dropped before, talked about and wrote off before / Heart on my sleeve and the ATF at my momma's door / This mongol told me Freddie, fix up your posture bro
– Song: Giannis

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