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I'm Dating a Woman in Horror Pt. 2 (WiHM 2020)

I'm Dating a Woman in Horror Pt.2
By Theresa Dillon

In case you missed Part 1, I decided to try something a little bit different for Women in Horror Month. Thanks to YouTube channel Girlfriend Reviews (go subscribe now and thank me later), I decided it would be fun to sit down with my significant other, Josh, and ask questions about our relationship as a way to break some stigma around female horror fans. (Go back and read the article when you get a chance.)
Part 2 I’m diving into our favorite horror films and if my passion for female storytelling has left a mark on Josh. Has he noticed current female struggles and issues in horror films? Does he think females create strong films and who are some of his favorite female horror characters?
Once again, I thank Josh for being a willing participant. All of his answers (albeit short because he is a man of few but powerful words) are 100% from his mouth. I told him not to hold anything back and to be completely honest, even at risk of hurting my feelings. What you read is 100% us.
And if after reading this, you feel like you’ve missed out on celebrating Women in Horror Month, you’re in luck! We’ve got our last film, SEA FEVER, showing this Friday. It’s a slow-burn, sea creature horror film that reminds a bit of THE THING. I really enjoyed screening it and can’t wait to watch it with an audience.
So come join us Friday, Feb. 28th, at 8 p.m. at FilmBar. I look forward to seeing you there!

Part 2:
Theresa Dillon (TD): Okay babe, it’s time for Part 2 of our interview series. You ready to get started?
Joshua Anderson (JA): Yea, let’s do it.
TD: Alright.

Question 1: What has been one of your favorite horror movies I’ve shown you?
JA: The Ryan Reynolds one. 
TD: Voices? The one I was terrified to show you?
JA: Yea. It was good and entertaining. Plus, I thought it was cool that I had never heard of it.
TD: Good to know. I’ve got more you haven’t heard up my sleeve. 

Question 2: What’s your favorite female-directed horror film?
JA: Definitely, American Psycho. I think it fits the style of female-directed horror by critiquing the male patriarchy. It was ahead of its time.
TD: Good pick! Classic. It’d be hard for me to choose one since there continue to be so many great new stories being told on screen. That’s one of the main reasons I look forward to February and hosting Women in Horror Month.
JA: Yea, it’s been a lot of fun over these last four years.

Question 3: You’re into sci-fi and fantasy which tends to have very strong female characters. Do you think female horror characters are equal to the sci-fi/fantasy females or does horror need to step up its game a bit?
JA: I think horror is doing pretty good. Hilariously enough, my favorite sci-fi heroine, Leeloo (played by Milla Jovovich) is also a horror heroine later on in the Resident Evil series. And Ripley is an amazing character. There’s a lot of good sci-fi cross-over which is what I really like with some horror.
TD: Ripley is a badass and I’ve loved her character since I was way too young to see the Alien series.

Question 4: Have any female-directed/written horror films helped change your perspective of the female voice or female struggles in any way?
JA: Going back to American Psycho, it has made me realize just how much of a man driven world we live in. 
TD: Yes, we do. Not going to lie, it is a struggle but I appreciate that you recognize it and try to make a difference in your own small ways.
JA: Well, thank you.
TD: You’re welcome. Now on to the last question.

Question 5: Do you think the female-directed films you have watched stories have been stronger or as strong as the male-directed films?
JA: I say it’s pretty even. There are very good stories from both perspectives. 
TD: I do think women tend to write about female issues a bit stronger but some of my favorite male directors (John Carpenter, Ari Aster, Robert Eggers, Wes Craven) have created some amazing female characters that viewers continue to root for. 
Well, thank you again for doing this fun sit down interview! I can’t wait for our movie shenanigans to continue this year. Next up, I’m going to finally show you, Martyrs.
JA: Alright, I’m ready.

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