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I'm Dating A Woman In Horror (WIHM 2020)

I'm Dating A Woman in Horror Pt.1

By: Theresa Dillon

Okay, so this year I decided to try something a little bit different for Women in Horror Month. Thanks to YouTube channel Girlfriend Reviews (go subscribe now and thank me later), I decided it would be fun to sit down with my significant other, Josh, and ask questions about our relationship.

This may sound corny but I love our relationship. I love that we’re independent individuals who appreciate and support each other’s interests. Mainly, I’m a horror fan and he’s a sci-fi/fantasy fan. We’re both nerds in our own ways but there is a stigma around female horror fans. And since Josh has indulged in my horror tendencies for 5 years, why not ask what it’s really like dating a female horror fan. Is it dark and vile like some in society think? Is it overbearing and weird? Or is it something special?

This is a special 2-parter feature because I don’t know how to ask short, easy questions. Thank you, Josh, for being a willing participant. All of his answers (albeit short because he is a man of few but powerful words) are 100% from his mouth. I told him not to hold anything back and to be completely honest, even at risk of hurting my feelings. What you read is 100% us.

And if after reading this first part you feel all twitterpated, come spend your Valentine’s Day weekend with other horror fans at our first screening for Women in Horror Month – Knives and Skin. It will be playing Saturday, Feb. 15th at 7:30 p.m.

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Interview between Theresa Dillon (female horror fan) and Joshua Anderson (male sci-fi/fantasy fan)

Theresa Dillon (TD): Okay babe, are you ready to do this?
Joshua Anderson (JA): (Laughs) Yeah, I think so.
TD: Okay, don’t stress and just be 100% honest. Take a deep breath.

Question 1 - What’s it like dating a female horror fan?
JA: Well, I get to enjoy being introduced to good movies I’ve never seen before.
TD: Yes, it’s really fun to show you some of my favorites yet to get your opinion. And I still have so many to show you!

Okay, Question 2 - What are some of the qualities you like and dislike?
JA: I like that you’re willing to try new things often.
TD: True, I’ve tried some sci-fi that was definitely different but some that really opened my eyes too.
JA: I dislike going to events or conventions.
TD: I knew you were going to say that! (Laughs) I do appreciate it when you do come even though it’s not your favorite.
JA: You’re welcome. I like supporting you.

Question 3 - Do you ever feel intimidated by me?
JA: No, you’re not very intimidating. You’re very gentle and sweet.
TD: Aw, thanks, babe!

Question 4 - Do you think I’m weird with some of the horror I like to watch?
JA: No, not at all.
TD: Good answer, now go tell my mom you feel that way. (Laughs)

Question 5 - The first movie I remember watching with you that I was like “Uh-oh, let’s see how this goes” was VOICES. After watching that film together, what was your initial reaction/thoughts about me?
JA: I thought it was really exciting and very enjoyable. It was out of my normal realm of interests and that was a good thing.

Question 6 - What’s it like attending conventions or events with me?
JA: I enjoy seeing all the interesting people. It’s not something I would’ve ever gone to on my own but I enjoy watching you do it.
TD: I do really enjoy doing events and panels. It’s the people in the horror community that are just some of the nicest, most fascinating people I’ve met.

Question 7 - Not that I want to pigeon-hole women in categories in any shape or form but, out of the society-based dating categories for women, how would you rank women horror fans? What are some of the common characteristics you’ve noticed?
JA: You’re sweet and tender. You’re not creepy like society sometimes claims.

The last question, are you ready? Overall, do you feel like a happy, confident man in our relationship?
JA: Yea, of course.

TD: Great answer. I feel like a confident woman in our relationship and I think we’re awesome. Thank you for answering my Part 1 questions babe. We’ll dive into Part 2 next week.

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