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Theresa’s Thanksgiving Must-Watch List

 Theresa’s Thanksgiving Must-Watch List

Sniff, sniff. So long October and Halloween. Welcome November and one of the most overlooked holidays – Thanksgiving.

As I get older, I love Thanksgiving more and more. Maybe it’s due to the amazing homemade pies from my mom. Or maybe it’s because holiday stress is geared towards one day – and that’s only if you’re the designated cook/host/hostess. 

But honestly, it’s because I have found such comfort in Thanksgiving stories. In my opinion, TV shines when it’s Thanksgiving time. 

So, if you’re like me and want to relish the in-between Christmas time with a full-on Thanksgiving binge watch, I have my annual Thanksgiving must-watch list as well as one hidden gem you have to watch at least once.

Grab some popcorn, sparkling cider and stuff your face with these classics.


You’ve got a chainsaw wielding grandma ready to save the day so what’s not to love with this 80’s classic? I don’t care how many times I’ve watched this; I still get teary eyed when they gather at the table and Desiree Goyette’s “It’s a Quiet Celebration” starts playing.

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I feel you, Charlie Brown. I too would probably serve toast and popcorn because I’m going to burn everything else I try. I know because I’ve done it. And unfortunately, the toast may also be a little burnt. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is being thankful for those around the table.

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3. BOB'S BURGERS – any Thanksgiving episode

I cannot wait to see what Thanksgiving shenanigans happen this year with the Belcher family! Every year since Season 3, the creators out do themselves. I still have a hard time picking a favorite. So do what I do and watch them all. And get ready to have Linda’s brilliant Thanksgiving songs stuck in your head.

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4. FRIENDS – any Thanksgiving episode

Like BOB'S BURGERS, I have a really hard time picking a favorite FRIENDS Thanksgiving episode. Each one is unique with sweet comedic gems that, in my opinion, makes their Thanksgiving episodes some of the best episodes of the series. I also marathon these episodes. And if you’re tempted to try any of their Thanksgiving recipes, watch BABISH CULINARY UNIVERSE on YouTube to bring Rachel’s trifle to your table this year.

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I love parades! I joined marching band to be in parades and I dreamed of one day being in the MACY'S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE. My alma mater did march in 2013 and I cried with joy for them. I just can’t imagine starting my Thanksgiving morning without the parade on. My family loves the parade so much, we call or text the entire time and scream like Buddy the Elf when Santa makes his way to 34th St. If you’ve taken a break from the parade, tune in this year.

Watch on NBC (Be sure to check your correct time zone so you don’t miss anything.)


I know most people’s Thanksgiving movie is PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES. And it is a fantastic Thanksgiving movie. But YOU'VE GOT MAIL is forever mine. I die every time Rose says “Happy Thanksgiving back.” It’s just too much fun watching Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan badger each other.

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7. Optional but give this gem a try – KRISHA

KRISHA is a difficult watch but it just nails family drama like none other. Not everyone is lucky enough to 1) have family this time of year or 2) enjoy being around their family. For someone struggling, this film could really hit home of them and allow them to feel heard. Give it a watch at least once. And definitely have a bottle wine ready to help ease down the palatable tension.

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What’s on your Thanksgiving must-watch list? I’d love to hear so feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @TheresaDillon.

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