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Fantasia International Film Festival - Sissy and Employee of the Month Reviews

Women Get Revenge Double Feature


Fantasia International Film Festival 

For my next round of film reviews for Fantasia International Film Festival, I’m going to feature two films that I think would make a great double feature – SISSY and EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH.

Both are written/directed by women and are entertaining women get revenge features. Ladies, get ready to plan a girls’ night!


Written/Directed by Hannah Barlow and Kane Senes

In SISSY, childhood trauma comes back with vengeance. After over a decade apart, pre-teen best friends Cecilia and Emma run into each other at the pharmacy. Emma is delighted to catch up with her bestie “Sissy” and quickly invites her to her bachelorette weekend getaway in the Australian outback. 

Unbeknownst to Cecilia, her childhood bully is hosting this remote getaway. Once the party gets started, the past comes roaring back, and the film takes a turn from being light-hearted to a brutal slasher. 

Main actress, Aisha Dee, owns playing Cecilia with her amazing portrayal of naivety and buried trauma. Additionally, writer/director, Hannah Barlow, stars as Emma and is great at playing the friend who wants to play nice with everybody – even if it leads to unfortunate consequences and the ultimate third wheel nightmare.

SISSY is a nice blend of horror/comedy with satirical messaging around social media and some damn good practical effects and kill scenes. 

3.5 out of 5.0


Written/Directed by Véronique Jadin

EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH places viewers smack dab in the middle of a toxic masculinity  workplace with hard-working, middle-aged Ines.

Always eager to please, on this specific day Ines is tasked with mentoring the intern, Melody, while the men go out with the corporate boss to celebrate their success and raises.

During the first 10 minutes, viewers see Ines get consistently belittled by her male peers and learn she has been looked over for a raise during her 17-year career.

Ines finally decides to stand up to her boss Patrick where he proceeds to not only blow off her request, but also chooses to help her “feel better” by pushing her to give him oral sex. Melody then walks into the office and causes a horrific accident.

What follows next is a hilarious series of unfortunate events, female rage, and budding friendship over taking down the patriarchy.

This film is full of cleverly crafted moments of outlandish violence and very talented actors that were able to pull off the softer, tender moments as well as the comedic scenes.

EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH is a quirky dark comedy that delivers a sharp look at office culture through the horror lens. 

3.5 out of 5.0

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