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Theresa's 2022 Favorite Films

I'm just to going to come right out and say it, 2022 was the year of the woman.

Every film on my favorites list this year was either helmed by a woman filmmaker or revolved around a strong female lead. 

And from the looks of some film announcements coming out, 2022 is just the tip of an iceberg ready to emerge to show off its glory to the world.

While many went to the theaters to see Top Gun: Maverick for the third time (and that's totally OK), I was too busy enjoying these unforgettable films of 2022.


Written/Directed By: Mali Elfman

I wish this movie made a bigger splash this year. It's a character study that is filmed/written beautifully and portrayed to perfection thanks to Katie Parker and Rahul Kohli. 

As our society continues to move back and forth from a ledge of it's own making, this film brings peace, humor, and even comfort in our darkest days.

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Written/Directed By: Dan Kwan  and Daniel Scheinert

Who would've thought that nihilism and optimism battling it out could be so fun to watch? From the interesting characters,  stunning performances, and unforgettable props (I'm looking at you hot dog fingers and googly eyes), EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE is a treat that I will revisit annually.

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Written/Directed By: Carlota Pereda

Originally a short film, CERDITA, seeing the full-length story of PIGGY is quite the ride. Being a girl is never easy - and it's even harder when you're the center of countless bullying from other girls and your own mother. Who can you actually lean on to get through the adolescent years? Find out in PIGGY's unique twist.

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Directed By: Mimi Cave

Written By: Lauryn Kahn

I know everybody on TikTok is impersonating Wednesday Addams' killer dance moves but if you have not taken the time to witness the dance moves of Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones in FRESH, you're missing out and need to watch this film pronto. 

The film also has way more to it than dance moves but I'm not going to spoil this refreshing horror film.

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Directed By: Dan Trachtenberg

Written By: Dan Trachtenberg, Patrick Asion, and Jim Thomas

This film had so many awesome things going for it: a strong female lead, a respect for native culture, a super cool tribal Predator and a dog actor who was a rescue from a shelter. How can you not get behind this movie?

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Directed By: Rebekah McKendry

Written By: Todd Rigney, Joshua Hall and David Ian McKendry

I might have watched this film for the Lovecraftian feels but I got so much more than that with its humor, compassion, and twisted ending that I did not see coming. Keep an eye out on future films from Rebekah McKendry.

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Directed By: Sophie Hyde

Written By: Katy Brand

Sex is complicated. For all the pleasure you should get out of it, sometimes it morphs into a beast that you can't seem to tame for your needs. Emma Thompson beautifully shows this in GOOD LUCK TO YOU, LEO GRANDE.

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Directed By: Mark Mylod

Written By: Seth Reiss and Will Tracy

After watching this film, I discovered that both writers wrote for The ONION and created THE MENU after some of their own food experiences. It was a brilliant satire that I didn't know I was hungry for and I'm anxiously waiting for seconds.

Still in theaters. Grab some popcorn and red wine for this screening.


Written/Directed By: Goran Stolevski

I'm a sucker for any film around witches. Not since THE WITCH have I seen witchcraft filmed so uniquely. It's a slow burn full of small twists and moral implications that make you question which side to be on.

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Directed By: Wanuri Kahiu

Written By: April Prosser

The softest movie on my list and probably one totally unexpected if you follow me and my writings. 

I'm not going to lie, it was Luke Wilson who suckered me in as I was expecting/hoping for another FAMILY STONE. Well, I didn't quite get that but I did get a delightful, I'll call it gray comedy, as it has some serious moments but never takes itself too seriously. 

And, to top it off, this film made women feel good about whichever path they chose in life - career or motherhood. You're doing awesome either way. We could use more female affirming films like this.

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