Monday, April 11

Insidious Review


There is a certain quality that these kind of films hold for me. You know, the “let’s turn the volume up to 11 in order to promote a scare” films. Truthfully, Insidious is a little more than that, though it does resort to that tactic at times. However, it also has some serious frights and creepy imagery.

The film starts out like a typical haunted house film. Things in the house move mysteriously, the attic is dark and spooky, and the kid is small and creepy. However, the typical haunted house fare is dispelled when the family moves to another house only to be followed to the new house by even stronger hauntings. The kid mysteriously falls into a coma-like state, and we soon find out that the house isn’t actually haunted at all, the kid is!!!

Insidious’ biggest contribution is the cast. The film is well acted, notably Lin Shaye who gives a knockout Zelda Rubinstein performance. The frights are both expected and unexpected, a nice mix of both that throw’s the viewer off when they think something is going to happen and it doesn’t…it adds that touch of uncertainty. On the other hand, horror fans will quip at the blatant Poltergeist, Stir Of Echoes, and Paranormal Activity steals. And, unfortunately, the finale is over explained and predictable. Insidious is a familiar film; it has minor flaws, though not enough to hurt the overall film. It does promote a nice mix of old and new school horror, however it should have kept a closer grasp on the psychological aspects of the film instead of trying to reveal what should remain unknown.

Monte’s Rating….3.0 out of 5.0.

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