Monday, April 11

Monte's Best/Worst Movie #1

Dir. Robert Clouse

For the same reasons that I spend an hour of my day watching the television show WipeOut, I watch the film Gymkata. I can’t help but watch this film with a smile on my face. Pointless plot lines, mindless plot plugs, and the combination of ridiculous 80’s martial arts and gymnastics, are just a few of the treats you have waiting for you if you venture out to watch this gem. It’s truly an enjoyable train wreck.

Best/Worst Moments #1
Our fearless hero decides to learn the art of Gymkata, so in no less than what seems like two days, he learns how to watch his instructor use knife wielding skills. He learns how to climb on playground monkey bars. And, he runs after a large African American man riding a horse. And, in a great “Did I Just See That” moment, his instructor is holding a hawk bigger than his upper torso!

Best/Worst Moments #2
In the city of cannibals (yes, I just said that), just when our hero is about to be overtaken by the ravenous mob, miraculously a gymnastics pommel horse appears. This is where the magic of Gymkata really takes shape. Slow motion kicks, attackers stepping up to fight one at a time, and one martial arts move shot from two different angles shown three different times just to showcase our hero’s badassery!!!

Gymkata was a film I rented and loved when I was just a kid, and I still enjoy it just like I did when I was young, though it might be for other laughable reasons now. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon, evening with friends, or something to break up the monotony of some of the terrible films being made now.

Check it out!!!


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