Sunday, October 30

31 Days of Horror: Day 22

Attack The Block
Dir: Joe Cornish
Starring: John Boyega, Jodie Whittaker,
and Nick Frost

This could be your favorite film of the year bruv, trust. Kids meet aliens were seen on both sides of the ocean this year. America gave us Super 8, but the U.K. gave us Attack the Block. No disrespect to Super 8, it was a good film with fun and exciting moments and an outbreak performance from Elle Fanning. But, Attack The Block was nonstop fun for me, aided by an equally rising-star performance from John Boyega as the man-child Moses. Joe Cornish crafted a simplistic story with great characters.

 Some mischievous youth, working as a gang of street tough burglars in Inner City London, kill the wrong alien, unleashing an invasion from outer space. The monsters are simple, blacker than black, with wicked sharp neon blue jaws, and the teens are a mix of personalities each with identifiable traits. This element of character makes the small things seem realistic, like the back and fourth banter between the teens, which makes it all the more unnerving when they are being chased and dispatched by the alien beasts. There is also a nice element of youth growing up quicker than they need too because of the environment they are in. It also has a nice mix of supporting characters, some as voices of reason, comedic breaks, or villains…it’s all very well rounded. Day 22 collecting them all like pokemon.

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