Sunday, October 30

31 Days of Horror: Day 23

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
Dir: Jalmari Helander
Starring: Jorma Tomilla and Peeter Jakobi

Yes, I realize it’s Halloween so why am I watching a Christmas tale? Well, this is not just simply a Christmas tale; it’s also a horror fable. Though I’ve mentioned in my “best of” list last year, which this film took the number one spot in, that Rare Exports might not be taken too seriously, but it never thinks in terms of that statement. It builds a great tension and ambivalence of the Christmas mythos.

So, before I continue, I would like my blog reading community to know that I am going to have some “Life Spoiler Alerts” in the upcoming sentences, if you don’t want me to steal the childlike innocence that you’ve been living with for Lord know how long, please stop reading this post immediately. With that out the way, the story goes that Santa Claus isn’t really a jolly old man who lives in the North Pole running a sweathouse of enslaved toy making elves, but rather a demon that steals children for sustenance. During an archeological dig something strange is found buried underneath a 
man-made mountain. A young local boy believes that it’s Santa Claus, and everyone who lives nearby is in grave danger, until the wolf trap on his property captures something else. I watched this film two days before Christmas last year, and I will probably make it a holiday staple. However, it’s still a great transfer film to watch at the end of the Halloween season to usher in the plethora of glad tidings you are bound to receive for the remaining two months of the year. Day 23 and there are already Christmas trees on display.

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