Monday, October 31

31 Days of Horror: Day 24

Cold Prey
Dir: Roar Uthaug
Starring: Ingrid Bolso Berdal and Rolf Christian Larsen

One of the many sub-categories of horror that I enjoy is specifically the slasher genre. There are so many good ones to choose from. Do you go classic with Friday the 13th, Black Christmas, Halloween, The Prowler, My Bloody Valentine, or Maniac? Or do you pick contemporary with such films as Scream, Behind the Mask, Hatchet, or I Know What You Did Last Summer? Well, I decided to forego the classics, in lieu of not being able to pick a classic, and sit down with the last great slasher film I’ve seen.

 Cold Prey is a Norwegian film about a group of snowboarders that get trapped in an abandoned hotel, after one of them get’s injured, but they aren’t the only ones there. One aspect of the slasher genre that annoys me is when they filmmakers don’t take time to establish the myth. All the memorable slasher films take special care with the “setup”. Halloween and Friday the 13th took special care of keeping the killer at bay, building the tension, before the payoff. Such is the same here. Cold Prey lets the audience become acquainted with the characters, showing only a glimmer of the killer in the shadows. The viewer discovers who is lurking in the shadows at the same pace as the characters in the film until at the peak of anticipation the killer is unveiled. Not only is Cold Prey a great film on it’s own, the sequel is also great. Again, in the fashion of Halloween II, Cold Prey II starts at the end of the first film…in a hospital. It’s great and a definite must watch for fans of this sub-genre. Day 24 with the slashers.

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