Monday, October 31

31 Days Of Horror: Day 26

Dir: Bernard Rose
Starring: Tony Todd and Virginia Madsen

It’s the final countdown for this harvest season, and you are probably asking yourself…what are some of Monte’s personal favorites? Well, ask and you shall receive. These final six films will embrace some of my most beloved horror experiences. Now, these films might not be scary, in fact, you might consider some these final films as terrible. Nonetheless, these last films all hold a special place in my horror heart. And we start with the film that scared me most as a kid. He who shall not be named…Candyman.

 I’ve said it from the beginning; nostalgia plays a huge role in my choices for films this year. My lifelong friend Chris and I snuck into this flick when we were teens, not really knowing what we were getting into; Candyman scared the piss out of me. I’ve had trouble with mirrors ever since watching this flick; I will not have any large mirror in my house. I will not use a public restroom at night or at a park, I will leave the room if someone even hints at staring into a mirror to tempt the myth. Clive Barker wrote the story for this film and although the film is varied from Barkers story, the result still holds many of the Barker-esque elements. What affects me most is the combination of the haunting musical score by Phillip Glass, the bass heavy voice and performance of Tony Todd, and the urban folklore and imagery that litters the walls with graffiti writing and portraits. The hair on my arms still stand on end when the Candyman silhouette first appears in the empty parking garage, Phillip Glass’ composition adding atmosphere, and the close up of the bloody hook swings from behinds his back…scared. Day 26 and I only wrote his name 4 times.

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