Monday, October 31

31 Days Of Horror: Day 27

Haute Tension
Dir: Alexandre Aja
Starring: Cecile De France and Phillipe Nahon

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I haven’t warned about a film on the list yet, but be warned of this NC-17 feature, this is definitely not your fun loving Frankenstein or Dracula. This is the monster that could actually live among us. This is a no holds barred, punch in the face feature. Sadistic violence and themes of extreme taboo, this film had a part in recharging and changing the face of violence on film. Watch any Aja film and if there isn’t a scene of violence or gore that you haven’t seen before, I will be surprised. This is violence at its’ most depraved.

I still encounter horror buffs that argue over the plot of this film. It’s confusing and muddled, but it doesn’t matter, I believe it’s supposed to be. The element of doubt plays a large role in the subtext of this film; it continuously makes the viewer question the reality of the film. What should they believe as fact and what is fiction? Whether that theme was found by accident or if it was carefully crafted storytelling will always be a topic of debate. Some have called my defense of this film “naïve” or “irresponsibly manipulative ” (yes, that is not an exaggeration, someone voiced anger over my review a few years ago), but
I recommend this film with caution, this is not a film for everyone. It’s an affecting film that will linger with you and possible change the way you view horror films, still, for those that call themselves “hardcore horror fans”, this is an absolute must watch film. Day 27 with warnings.

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