Monday, October 31

31 Days Of Horror: Day 28

Dir: Lucio Fulci
Starring: Tisa Fallow, Ian McCulloch
and Richard Johnson

Viva La Fulci!!! This is my absolute favorite zombie movie. I am a fan of Romero and his dead series, but Fulci splashed so ferociously with this film it was near impossible for me to overlook. Plus, how do you NOT love a film, which before the half hour mark has an epic ZOMBIE versus SHARK battle royale?  Or, in super close-up view, films one of the greatest practical special effects death scenes in cinema? Who cares if the film isn’t as polished as Romero’s films or if there are breaks in the pace and action. It’s a classic!!!

I stumbled onto this film in the most childlike way, by the poster art. Am I the only one who thinks that the poster art looks like a school photo? Like the Zombie was given the 
customary comb before he sat on the stool and turned slightly to the left. Zombie could fit into Romero’s dead series easily, right after Night of the Living Dead. I’ve actually done that and it makes perfect sense. Fulci is a legend and although he is most ironically known for this film, his catalog is a masterpiece of horror films. Zombie might not be his best work, ask that question in a group of horror buffs and watch the fists fly, but it’s a remarkable work of passionate cinema. If you haven’t seen this film or don’t want too, I will change you mind with the next statement….ZOMBIE versus SHARK!!! Day 28…toe stomp, eye gouge.

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