Sunday, October 9

The Coda Presents: Soul Sessions

Soul Sessions: My purpose with this feature is to introduce music...old, new, lost, or forgotten albums that embody bold and unique ideas.  I believe music connects everyone from all walks of life, more so than any other art, it's a window to the soul. 

El Michels Affair
Enter The 37th Chamber

Take a group of session/support musicians, give them an opportunity to collaborate on song, and you have the El Michels Affair. Like it starts with most bands, the garage of Leon Michels was home to the genesis of 8-track recorded blues/soul/funk/reggae renditions touched with elements of cinematic composition. Working hard to separate themselves from the monotony of the explosion of similar sounding bands, El Michels Affair came into contact with the Wu-Tang Clan, and began supplying backing music during live concerts. El Michels Affair turns the shining catalog of The Wu into an atmospheric experience. Two particular standouts are C.R.E.A.M. and Bring Da Ruckus, two Wu-Tang classics that get reworked but not ruined. I can see playing this album at the local wine bar or in the hip hop shop around the corner, it crosses tastes in music so well. This is a multifaceted album, one of the best instrumental albums I've come across recently. Definite Subterranean Soul. Enjoy.

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