Sunday, October 9

31 Days of Horror: Day 8

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
Dir: Eli Craig
Starring: Tyler Labine, Alan Tudyk,
and Katrina Bowden

It’s been two years since I heard about this movie and it just got a theatrical release a little over a week ago. Why you might ask? I have no idea!! It’s an excellent movie. With so many movies doing cliché, same ol’, gimmicks it’s interesting when a film turns them around and pays homage to them. What made this film get lost in the shuffle is the fact that it’s difficult to market. You can’t necessarily call it a “horror” film (although I do), but it does have elements familiar with horror. That reason is really the only explanation that I have to explain why this wonderful film took so long to find distribution.
The film is a case of mistaken identity and stereotyping that brings about a series of gruesome and unfortunate events, and ultimately entangles the title characters in the bad luck. It’s an interesting concept that plays with horror movie imagery and pays off with fantastic gore effects.  I recently had the opportunity of listening to a crowded theater react to this film; it’s a complete crowd pleasure, and I had to watch it again. Happily, this film will be out before the end of October, and should be watched immediately. Day 8 vs. Evil complete.

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