Wednesday, May 16

Horror Hosting in Arizona

The owner's of the former, yet beloved, Royale Movie Theater in Mesa, Arizona are back with a "horror hosting show". Still harboring a love for horror films, The Dr. Midnite Show looks to follow the traditions of past horror shows, while offering an interactive format in both an online and live venue capacity.  This looks to be a fun show for film fans, and I for one am very excited for this new endeavor!! Check out the press release below.


Local Horror Movie enthusiasts Jeremiah Wilkerson and partner Andrea Beesley (Midnite Movie Mamacita) both formerly of The Royale Cinema in Mesa, along with critic/writer Mark Moorhead are teaming up to create Phoenix’s newest Horror Host Show.  Horror Hosts have been void on the scene in Arizona since Ghoulia (KOLD-TV) and Dr. Scar (KGUN-TV) in the 1950s-1970s and Edmus Scarey (KNXV-TV) in the 1980s. 

Dr. Midnite (Wilkerson) and Nurse Nocturna (Beesley) will launch their venture with a panel at the Phoenix Comicon on Saturday May 26th (Room 131BC) 6-7pm at the Phoenix Convention Center.  The Dr. Midnite Show will premier online via on Friday July 13th. 

The format of the show will follow a traditional Horror Host layout (e.g. Elvira, Svengoolie) with wrap-around segments filmed in the Doctor’s laboratory (Monsterland Bar & Grill) accompanying a classic B-Movie.  Viewers will be able to experience the complete show online via the website or join the motley crew at various Valley locations where they will perform the show live. 

After programming Film Events in the Valley since 2006, Beesley is excited to take the experience to a new level.  “Following the closure of The Royale we wanted to continue doing Community Events to stay involved with the loyal following we have established over the years.  Reviving a beloved American tradition like Horror Hosting seemed a natural fit for our mission”.

Hailing from the dark and dreary land of Clinton, Iowa, and nearly driven to insanity by boredom, Dr. Malcolm Midnite left his homeland and received a doctorate in mad science before settling in Phoenix, AZ. Here he plans to be the greatest mad doctor ever, but given that he is terrible at it, he hosts films about his more successful mad heroes and emulates their plots instead.

The ever-elusive Nurse Nocturna is the faithful assistant to Dr. Midnite.  Self-taught in the art of medicine, this German ex-pat is tight-lipped about how she lost her eye and how subsequently came to wear an eye-patch, but sources suggest that it had something to do with the Dr. and one of his misguided experiments.

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