Wednesday, May 16

Zombie Mayhem in Arizona

There is a zombie film invasion amongst us, just in time for Zombie Awareness Month. The Arizona group Cult Classics, run by local film programmer/artist Victor Moreno, along with Zia Records is screening two zombie MAYhem films at Madcap Theaters in Tempe, along with a special double feature on Friday night!!

The Cuban flavored 2012 film Juan of the Dead makes a special Arizona debut, along with the cult classic Shaun of the Dead. Two great nights, two great films...a zombie apocalypse that includes giveaways and prizes, special art prints, horror vendors, and a costume contest!!! What more could you want? Probably brains...well, they just might have that too. 

Juan Of The Dead 
screens Thursday, May 17th 
at 5:30pm & 7:30pm

Shaun Of The Dead
 screens Friday, May 18th
 at 8:00pm

**Special Double Feature**
Juan and Shaun of the Dead
screens Friday, May 18th
at 10:30pm

For additional information, as well as tickets and prices please visit...

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