Sunday, July 14

Before Midnight (Short Review)

Before Midnight
Dir: Richard Linklater
Starring: Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy

Richard Linklater’s romantic opus that started back in 1995 with Before Sunrise, continued nine years later with Before Sunset, and Celine (Delpy) and Jesse (Hawke) are still magnetizing to watch on the screen in Before Midnight. Their relationship has blossomed, surprisingly indirectly, throughout each film displaying a complex portrayal of transitioning love. There is a delicate and somewhat damaged aspect to their relationship that makes the journey thus far uncertain, an aspect that allows the film to break away from the trappings of most romantic films. The lack of interaction from the narrative with concern towards the viewers perceived progression of the characters motivations keeps a backseat perspective in a moving car through all the terrains of their life. The result is a captivating and impressive feat of writing and filmmaking. 

                                                         Monte's Rating
                                                         5.00 out of 5.00

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