Sunday, July 14

Maniac (Short Review)

Dir: Franck Khalfoun
Starring: Elijah Wood and Nora Arnezeder

William Lustig’s 1980 slasher film is remade with Elijah Wood in the lead role of the stalking/scalping killer named Frank. Director Franck Khalfoun, who directed the thriller P2, takes a great technical risk by framing the majority of the film within the first-person perspective of the maniac. While this technique offers some inventive designs it ultimately hurts the progression of an initially interesting examination of a tortured individual. While the audience remains trapped in the mind of Frank, which includes his abused childhood memories and overwhelming anxiety attacks, the film never reflects the fear associated from the reverse perspective. And, though Elijah Wood should be commended for taking the viscious role that at times showcases range, his final portrayal renders the monster more weak than intimidating.

Monte’s Rating
2.75 out of 5.00

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