Sunday, July 14

Stories We Tell (Short Review)

Short Reviews
I watch a wealth of films without formally composing a full review. These short reviews will give me the opportunity to review all the films I watch in a more abbreviated version. This will allow my reader’s insight and recommendation to other films that might not find publication with the newspaper or websites I contribute to. Enjoy.

Stories We Tell
Dir: Sarah Polley

Our past is formulated through a mix of fleeting personal memories and family verbal storytelling. What we uncover on the journey to the past is different in many ways from what we perceive. Through a combination of old photographs, video inserts, and strikingly authentic interviews only a family member interviewing her family could obtain, Sarah Polley carefully unravels the complex story of her beloved mother. The film moves from a loving tribute to intricate mystery, with an interesting balance of revealing memories from a range of family members. While the story formulates around the past it has an immediate influence on the present, taking point on how we observe the past and how it affects the personal present. Stories We Tell is one of the best films of the year thus far.

Monte’s Rating
4.75 out of 5.00

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