Wednesday, February 27

Get Excited!!! The Phoenix Film Festival and The International Horror And Sci-Fi Film Festival is Coming Soon

By Emery Snyder @leeroy711

Hello again friends. It’s almost that time of the year. A time that is hands down, my favorite time of the year. Because every early April brings to the valley the Phoenix Film Festival and the International Horror& Sci-Fi Film Festival.

This year, the festival runs from April 4th through the 14th at its usual stomping grounds, the Harkins CinéCapri in North Scottsdale. Named one of the “25 Coolest Film Festivals” by MovieMaker Magazine and holds 300 screenings annually. There’s an Industry Night, a Silent Auction, a Kid’s Day and a healthy handful of insightful panels.

In the ten years I’ve been attending, I have seen some great films. They showcase shorts and features from filmmakers all over the world as well as homegrown films from right here in Arizona. The International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival is held in conjunction with Phoenix Film Festival and it offers a special treat for the more daring viewers.

I watch films all year round, in the local theatres as well as on my couch at home. I pay for more streaming site subscriptions than I’d like to admit to and I have a halfway decent collection of movies on my shelf. And I am not typically sentimental or precious about the theatrical experience. But that changes for me every year, right around this time. Because more than the events and the food, and even more than the films, I get excited about the people and the community.

I’m from the Phoenix area. Growing up here as a movie buff used to mean something very different than it does today. But in the most recent years, I’ve been able to witness the birth and continued cultivation of the cinema scene in my city. The PFF and IHSFFF, along with the Phoenix FilmFoundation and the Phoenix Film Society have played a major role in that cultivation and I will forever be grateful.

In short, get your tickets. I’ll see you there!!!

Official Hashtag - #PFF2019

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