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The Coda Presents: For Your Consideration 4

The Coda Presents: For Your Consideration

So, the prices for streaming video is changing, the waiting period for force fed choices in the video vending machines is getting longer, and people seem to be getting more and more annoying in the theater chains. There are more options and more expenses associated with the ever-changing world of cinema. It can be difficult to determine where to lend your loyalty, and your money, unless you are torrent downloader…then, need less to say, the options above don’t pertain to you.

In Arizona, we have the wonderful option of independent art venues and theaters willing to find great films, and classic films, to play amongst film fanatics.  Just recently, I watched the movie The Last Circus, an impressive film that is sure to find a place in my “Best of the Year” list, at The Royale in Mesa, Arizona. If you have the time, I suggest that you take a trip out to The Royale and watch this flick; it will be playing the rest of this week and might get an extension.

So, for the time being, I’m still going to option the “streaming” method as my secondary source for film.  So, without further chatter, here are some streaming options FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION.

Dir: Alexandre Franchi
Starring: Ricky Mabe, Kaniehtiio Horn,
and Mark Anthony Krupa

This remarkable film is finally available streaming. The Wild Hunt is a mix of Shakespeare and the world of interactive role-playing. This combination can be very difficult to pull off, but this low budget film executes masterfully. The touches of Shakespearean symbolism and the infatuation of being someone else for the role player, works perfectly when reflecting the world of old to the world of today. It does a great job of showing the loss of character and self, it blurs the lines of morality and creates a startling environment of chaos.

The Wild Hunt Trailer 
(Warning: Restricted Trailer for Language and Violence)

Middle Men (2009)
Dir: George Gallo
Starring: Luke Wilson, Giovanni Ribisi,
and Laura Ramsey

George Gallo is the writer behind some of the silver screens biggest action dramadies, Midnight Run, and both Bad Boys films are a few. However, Middle Men might be his most complete film since Midnight Run. Though it does have some plot flaws, its’ hyper active and stylized elements, and fabulous soundtrack, make it an entertaining film. It’s well written and has some great performances, most specifically Giovanni Ribisi and Gabriel Macht.

Middle Men Trailer

Still Bill (2009)
Dir: Damani Baker and Alex Vlack
Starring: Bill Withers

I’m a big fan of character and music documentaries. So, the appeal of a Bill Withers documentary was instant. The soul legend has otherwise been forgotten in the world of music as he hasn’t released new material since the mid eighties.  “Lean on Me”, “Lovely Day”, “Ain’t No Sunshine”, Grandmother’s Hands”, and my personal favorite “Who Is He, And What Is He To You”, are just a few of the classic songs Bill Withers is responsible for. This documentary is touching, watching the struggle of ambition in a man who wants to make music but despises the music business. It also has an inspirational message as Bill delves into the responsibility of manhood and being father. There are also great interviews with an impressive list of musicians, discussing Bill Withers legacy. Music fans, this film is a must watch.

Still Bill Trailer

 Spider (2007)
Dir:  Nash Edgerton

So, if you don’t have time to sit through a 90-minute film, take 10 minutes to watch a short. Nash Edgerton was responsible for a great feature length noir film called The Square just a few years ago, but this short film was the jumping point for this director.  If you’ve been given the silent treatment from a significant other, then you know the extent you might take to gain some attention. This film plays on that idea and lends an ingenious final outlook on solving this situation. It’s simple but effective filmmaking.

The Last Circus
Showing this week @ The Royale (Mesa, AZ) 
(Warning: This is the Restricted trailer for violence and sexual content)

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