Monday, October 3

31 Days Of Horror: Day 3

Shock Waves
Directed by: Ken Wiederhorn
Starring: Peter Cushing, Brooke Adams,
and John Carradine

The Zombie apocalypse is upon us, better yet, it might have come and gone. Zombies, like Vampires, have meandered their way into everything, going to the extent of being spoofed on South Park, though the “zombies” were replaced with the “homeless”. The year was 1977; the godfather of zombies was finishing work on the legendary Dawn of the Dead, the Italian maestro was beginning work on Zombi 2, and Shock Waves was released. Simply, Shock Waves was one of the first, and best, films to erupt the Nazi Zombie craze. The evil Nazi horror and science fiction films had been done, and early attempts at the Nazi Zombie film had been tried with The Frozen Dead and They Saved Hitler’s Brain.  But it wasn’t until Shock Waves that the two plots successfully crossed paths. The theme spread, spawning Oasis Of The Zombies and Zombie Lake, both of which honed the theme (great bragging rights, show your friends just how much of horror fan you are by telling them you own, or have seen, the Aquatic Nazi Zombie trilogy).  It continues today with Dead Snow, Hellboy, and the much-played Call of Duty Nazi Zombie games adding to the genre. Do yourself a favor and sit through this 83-minute film just to say you saw it. Day 3...success.

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