Sunday, October 2

31 Days Of Horror: Day 2

30 Days Of Night

Directed by: David Slade
Starring: Josh Hartnett and Melissa George

Vampires are everywhere and continue to spread further into popular culture. With this oversaturation many changes in the Vampire mythology have been occurring rampantly recently. With the emergence of Twi-Hard mania making vampires less scary and more depressing, and the themes of over sexed and lost in love characters seriously hurting the cred of Nosferatu, the mythos seems to be in serious trouble. However, the Steve Niles comic book 30 Days Of Night led inspiration to a movie adaptation that added a much needed adrenaline shot to the iconic story back in 2007. The David Slade directed film made vampires scary again. The carnal, blood thirsty, powerful villain’s raged throughout this film, reveling in the gore and gratuitous violence of it all. Though a flawed film in some regards, it was still a surprise to this horror fan to encounter the vampire in the regard that they deserve…frightening and scary. This film still surprises with its viciousness, a nice Day 2 re-acquaintance.

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