Saturday, October 1

Monte's 31 Days of Horror

31 Days Of Horror: Day 1

Dog Soldiers
Directed by: Neil Marshall
Starring: Sean Pertwee and Kevin McKidd

The Lycanthrope mythology is wrought with failed attempts and only a few classics. I’m confident in calling Dog Soldiers one of the latter. Neil Marshall burst onto the radar of horror fans with this film. By utilizing practical special effects, intriguing characters, and an amusing sense of humor, Dog Soldiers has only become better with time. The unusual characteristic about this film is that it doesn’t do anything earth shattering with the werewolf mythology. Though it keeps with traditional aspects, it adds well-rounded supporting film structures to accommodate. I hadn't watched this film for few years until today, and every time it continues to move up my list of favorite horror films. A definite must watch for the Halloween season, and a great DAY 1 feature. Enjoy.

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